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The Spirit of IWeb
IWeb By Michael Washington on 4/26/2007 2:21 AM

What I learned from the DAL Project proposal was that it is not necessarily important for the DotNetNuke Core to adopt the code from a proposal as it is to adopt the “spirit” of the proposal. In the case of the DAL proposal, none of the proposed code was used, however the final implementation (the


I think I got it!
IWeb By Michael Washington on 3/25/2007 12:13 PM

During my jog this morning I thought on the problem with IWeb that has been bugging me for months.

The problem is we need an easy way to create IWeb extensions. Currently you have to create a partial class and place it in the IWeb folder. I am sure many module developers would rather create methods in their own modules and have it somehow just work with IWeb.

My idea, is to have an interface that your class would implement. This interface is just a marker, because when the "Refresh Web Methods" link is clicked in the IWeb configuration, IWeb will look for any classes that implement this interface and make "wrapper methods" for all the methods in that class.

IWeb will actually create a physical file in the IWeb directory that will be compiled as a partial class into the IWeb web service. This way the methods will behave just like normal web servic ...


Creating Secure DotNetNuke ASP.NET AJAX Web Services
IWeb By Michael Washington on 3/25/2007 10:08 AM

I just added a tutorial for Creating Secure Web Services for use with ASP.NET AJAX and the DotNetNuke framework. When I finished the tutorial I noticed that there is a lot of code that you would need to be implemented over and over again. The next version of IWEB will address this.

Basically, we need IWeb Core shared/static methods that can be called to place the encryption key into the personalization settings, and IWeb Core methods to unencrypt the password and determine if it is still valid.

Of course any code using the current example will still work with the next version of IWeb.

What I am working on
IWeb By Michael Washington on 3/10/2007 9:56 AM

Well the latest IWEB Core seems to be very stable. I plan to have a little fun over the next 2 months and work on:

"client program and web methods that allow visitors to click a button on their web browser and automatically register themselves with a DotNetNuke site"

This will require me to create IWEB methods that register a user with the site and also work with CAPTCHA (displaying a image to prevent web bots from registering users) if it is enabled.

I really want to make a program that people can install in their web browser tool bar but the first release will probably be an .exe program that you will launch. You enter your information into the program only once and when ever you want to register with a DotNetNuke site (that has the web service installed), you just enter it's address in the program and click register.

As you can imagine it will be more pract ...


IWeb 02.00.00 Released
IWeb By Michael Washington on 2/17/2007 8:49 AM

We have just release IWeb 02.00.00

It is a major upgrade over the previous version. Changes in this release:

  • Authentication is now passed in the SOAP header so your method signature will only need to contain the parameters needed for the method
  • You can configure security for each method separately by method and by portal
    • The configuration page automatically looks for IWeb methods and adds or deletes them in the database.
    • It also looks in the attributes for each method to see if any grouping has been indicated and enters the grouping into the database (to be used later when the administration is enhanced)

**** IWeb 02.00.00 only works with DotNetNuke 4.4.0 or higher ****

C# version of IWeb
IWeb By Michael Washington on 2/16/2007 5:52 AM

The next version of IWeb was to include the ability to create IWeb extensions in VB or C# (yet there is still just one webservice.asmx entry point). The problem is that while it worked it required two DotNetNuke modules to be installed at the same time. This caused errors to throw on installation. Also, the uninstall of either module caused the portal to crash because one module would then not have the classes that it was looking for in the other module.

Due to this I decided that while it will be part of the final proposal to the Core, (because if it is part of the Core it wont have these problems) it is too unstable and would threaten the project to release it as an official release.

However you can download it here:


IWeb 02.00.00 release candidate is now being tested
IWeb By Michael Washington on 2/11/2007 4:18 PM

We just released IWeb release candidate 02.00.00 to the development team. We are still on track for a major IWeb release sometime in March.

The major changes in this version are:



Sneak Peek at the next IWeb Admin
IWeb By Michael Washington on 2/8/2007 10:37 PM

Here is a sneak Peek at the next IWeb Admin screen. This is already coded for a March release. The page automatically looks for IWeb methods and adds or deletes them in the database. It also looks in the attributes for each method to see if any grouping has been indicated.

Then it allows you to indicate the role that will have access to each method.

You will be able to use C# or VB for your IWeb methods
IWeb By Michael Washington on 2/8/2007 10:12 PM

I was finally able to create a method to allow you to code your IWeb extensions in VB or C# and still have a single point of entry (the webservice at: /DesktopModules/IWeb/webservice.asmx)

In the next version of IWeb there will be a directory that you will be able to add C# methods to and a directory tree that you will be able to add VB methods to.

This works because the C# class inherits from the VB class. The .asmx file is pointing to the C# class.


Deleting IWEB Methods and using C#
IWeb By Michael Washington on 1/28/2007 3:33 PM

There are advantages of using partial classes for IWEB

The benefits of using partial classes:

  • Single entry point allows people to automatically know what address to use to connect to web services
  • Web services methods behave normally and you can use tools like visual studio to consume the methods
  • No need for reflection when calling a web method
  • Partial classes automatically resolve any conflicts on compiling

However, there are disadvantages:

  1. There is no way to delete the web method once it is installed

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